The Proposed MEC Environmental Charity Challenge

The MEC Environmental Charity Challenge has the potential of easily being the most efficient/successful annual fundraising effort for the benefit of the environment in Canada.

Here is my motion for the creation of the charity challenge:

After the video was shown at the MEC AGM, MEC CEO David Labistour, in my personal opinion, proceeded to be as irresponsible as any CEO could possibly be!

Start the MEC video at 107:30

If I had as much knowledge as those who attended MEC’s AGM, I would never vote in favour of my motion BUT in reality, as a volunteer my ideas raise more than any 3 hospitals in Canada raise combined, so by hook or by crook I must be doing something right.

The concept is as innocuous as charities requesting memorial contributions. It interferes with nothing else that they or MEC does. It is simply an effort to sensitize people into being aware that they can raise funds in any such event anywhere and for whatever cause each person chooses.

Focus is way, way off in peer to peer fundraising. If you look at any major marathon their participants are invited to raise funds for many charities. My concept has people raising $$ for whatever they choose (any of ALL charities) as not everyone wants to raise $$ for any of the “100” charities chosen by the event organizers. No events in the world raise more than those that adopted my concept (NYC and London marathons + Ironman). The concept is entirely “market driven”

MEC is promoting peer to peer for one organization. Fundraising is a very personal thing. There is no way in heaven that one sold on the mission of one charity will raise funds for another. By limiting the choices to a single cause it may be wonderful for that cause BUT with far less effort, far, far more can be raised.

David Labistour mentioned that I had said that it would raise “tens to hundreds of millions of dollars”. If you listen to what I said I mentioned “hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of dollars”. What he stated was a ridiculous exaggeration and meant to obfuscate.

He also mentioned the cost of a site being $85,000. I had 2 quotes of what is the bare minimum to do the job and that is enough. I have offered to pay the $600 providing the $600 was returned to me after $1 million was raised! 🙂

“Build it and they will come”? If 3.5 million MEC members are invited to raise $$ and the environmental charities that MEC supports linked to such a site, and ALL promoted (at no cost) it would raise $$ as peer to peer fundraising is the most successful/efficient method. It would not happen immediately but the whole idea is to sensitize the masses into being aware that they can essentially raise $$ in any event anywhere for whatever they choose. Unfortunately, that flies over the heads of most.

Incidentally, peer to peer fundraising is not what MEC’s CEO stated that it is to those that asked. Peer to peer is personal and people asking people that they know, to donate. Leverage works. That is why peer to peer is successful. David Labistour mentioned that it is fundraising using social media. Social media is the least successful manner and face to face is the best.

As far as David Labistour is concerned; for someone who has never talked to me and discussed the rationale there is no way that he is going to understand the ins and outs.

It is a personality conflict because David Labistour refused to have a face to face video call with me in Feb 2012, and the problem from the start was that he did not want to talk. I really did not have to talk to him though. It only had to be someone with a brain. I asked MEC last week May 1/2013 to have an objective, extremely intelligent and very imaginative board member call me to discuss. Of course I will never hear from anyone there. The board circled the wagons around Labistour last year. Their behaviour is childish. I would not expect them to see the light after all the water has passed under the bridge.

In any event, last week a major charity (Director of Development) advised that they were adopting my concept. I spread the word around to some people. On Friday I was congratulated by a Sr V-P of the Bank of America and today a V-P of the RBC.

David Labistour’s email address is Please tell him what you think.

Only 1/100 who read this write, it would be a miracle. Most people are talkers, not doers. 😦